Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

seating and stools that makes a designer's living room

The reSeat comes from designer AW, who keeps and reuses everything she can around the house. Overtime, she had collected bags and bags of packing peanuts and she stored them in large black trash bags. One day she accidentally seat on one and thought it felt surprisingly comfortable. Then she thought, "These packing peanuts can really make comfortable little stools!" However, trash bags full of packing peanuts aren't really visually appealing. So from there she decided to design beautiful covers for “trash bags full of packing peanuts.”

The idea of reSeat is to motivate and encourage people to reuse the packing fillers that we get from packages. People now-a-days do a lot of shopping online and therefore, have collected a lot of package fillers such as foam and packing peanuts. We thought instead of those being landfills, it would be much more fun to reuse and turn them into a fun piece of furniture!

As you sit on reSeat, over time the packing peanuts will be squashed down and making room for more of those unwanted packing fillers.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POP Pendant Light

This light shade is made from hundreds of discarded aluminum pull-tabs from pop cans! What a beautiful way to recycle and re-use!

Diana Lin Design LLC
ma from hundreds of discarded aluminum pull-tabs

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bombe Pendant Lamp by Yellow Goat Design

Via 3rings A Product Blog for Architecture + Design

Bombe’s Compelling Constellation of Fiery Light

Red is my favorite color, so I’m quite partial to Yellow Goat’s Bombe. I’m also a devotee of synchrony, so I rather admire the double globe effect of the piece’s bulb and shade. In fact, I believe the best things come in threes, and though Bombe’s ostensible two-piece assembly might seem to disqualify it from that appraisal, the glass globe actually houses an energy-efficient CFL, which gives Bombe de-facto membership in this club of handsome threesomes. These qualities certainly recommend this imaginative miniature explosion of light, but the show-stopper is Bombe’s bright red acrylic shade. Resembling a paper sculpture created by the likes of a cheery incarnation of Edward Scissorhands, the shade’s intricate undulations are owed to the high durability and uniform consistency of acrylic, which material captures the effect of this Bombe’s perpetual detonation. Says Yellow Goat, “I wonder if this is what it looks like inside an exploding firework in the split second before it bursts into the night sky? Could be.”

Saturday, April 30, 2011

prop table lamp 2008

The Prop has been designed to a strict brief of efficiency both in use of material as well as energy, whilst still retaining a high aesthetic appeal. Completely manufactured in the UK for this first edition, the Prop is perfectly timed as consumers balance cost, both financially and environmentally with the desire for beauty.

The Prop is a black acrylic table lamp consisting of three laser-cut moulded pieces that radiate from a central triangular form. The manufacturing process used is the reverse to traditional acrylic moulding in that the acrylic is laser cut to size first and then moulded to ensure an absolute minimum of wastage from a single sheet, 3% in fact. The low energy light source reflects off the gloss finish of the lamp, playing with perception and the conventions of a typical lampshade.


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